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Metabolic syndrome and skin

There is an increasing incidence of obesity with changing lifestyles and food habits calling for a need to focus on its hazards. Obesity is one of the main risks for developing the metabolic syndrome, a term coined not very long ago in 1988 to describe a group of risk factors in over weight individuals. These include...

All You Need to Know for a Psoriasis Prescription

CHENNAI: World Psoriasis Day is observed on the October 29 every year to create awareness of the disease, understand its nature and therefore improve all-round management of the disease.Psoriasis is a dermatological problem characterised by red scaly raised patches on the skin. The disorder is immune mediated....

Skilled Skin Specialist in Chennai

When you have a skin condition that you are concerned about, it is natural to seek the services of a skin specialist in Chennai who is experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable. Helios is a skin clinic in Chennai that has earned the trust of many patients because of the warmth and professionalism of its skin doctors in Chennai.

Find The Best Dermatologist In Chennai

The skin is the reflection of your well being. It has an impact on your self esteem and the way the world sees you. The skin is also the mirror of your internal body function. We at Helios aim at correcting any internal imbalances, treating skin diseases and also improving skin appearance with the use of advanced...

Top Dermatologist In Chennai

You can only entrust your skin to a trusted dermatologist. Whether you have an acute case of acne or a longstanding skin condition that refuses to go away, you would need to find a trusted dermatologist in Chennai. At Helios Skin and Hair Clinic there is a thorough understanding of the skin problem backed by good and....

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