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Welcome to Helios Skin & Hair Clinic

Welcome to Helios Skin & Hair Clinic

Helios skin and hair clinic offers a wide range of services in medical skin care, ranging from simple skin problems to more chronic skin diseases. It is located close to the airport in peaceful and quiet surroundings and promises best and exclusive service for the discerning patients. This clinic not only caters to people in Chennai but across the country and overseas.

Helios skin and hair clinic also offers hair treatments that range from hair loss treatment to laser hair removal. Some of the dermatological services offered for skincare include acne treatment, scar treatment, deep pigmentation treatment, anti-aging treatments, chemical peels, dermaroller, etc.

Helios skin and hair clinic is staffed by an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled dermatologist, Dr. M. Shraddha MD,DNB,PhD who is also a senior consultant at Apollo hospitals Chennai. The world class equipment at Helios skin and hair clinic complements the skill and expertise of the dermatologist. Dr. M. Shraddha is specially trained in psoriasis, pediatric dermatology, dermatopathology and aesthetic and antiaging medicine. She has also presented scientific papers in national and international conferences and is constantly updating herself with the latest in dermatological advances around the world. At Helios skin and hair clinic, every person who comes in is treated with utmost care and respect. All treatment plans are put into place only after a detailed history and thorough medical examination and the required investigations.

Skin and Hair Treatments

Common Skin Problems

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Laser Treatments

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Chemical Peels

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